Manufacture of rubber and chemical raw materials for sale
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Manufacture of rubber and chemical raw materials for sale

Concern "2F TECHNOLOGY GROUP" - a modern enterprise which produces products for industrial purposes for different industries, rural and urban.

Concern "2F TECHNOLOGY GROUP" is the largest manufacturer of rubber products in Uzbekistan with a high-tech Russian, Czech, Hungarian, equipment.In addition, our concern is the producer of agricultural products, meat and milk.We also offer our textile products.

Concern "2F TECHNOLOGY GROUP" also makes the implementation of chemical raw materials paint, rubber and tire industry for the production and processing of polymers.

NEW!!! Concern «2F TECHNOLOGY GROUP» makes delivery of China's machinery and chemicals for the chemical, rubber, plastics, paint, wood, metal, knitting industry;packaging, vacuum, stone processing lines.Performs a full cycle of training in China, provides all necessary technical documentation for installation, installation, commissioning of equipment.We provide all of the customs clearance of goods from China and other design documents.

Our hi-tech equipment allows us to produce a mold, as well as of non-rubber products, rubber compounds for different recipes.